The Career Spa

zen-stones-1395147656aNV“My Two Red Chairs Career Spa experience was a 10 out of 10!  It met all my expectations, allowed me to think about myself and only myself for a full day and gave me the tools and the confidence to move in the direction that I was thinking about.

Trying to define what your life/career goals are can be difficult at times.  Janet Eastwood has a well-rounded, honest and gentle approach that gives you the opportunity to grow and learn about yourself, your life and your career. The Career Spa day allowed me to look at where I was, what I wanted and to create a plan of action to get me there. It instilled belief in myself and the courage to go out there and get what I want.

The spa break in the middle of the day was really beneficial because you’re doing so much soul searching and reflecting… it gives you a nice chance to relax and just breathe.  I really think that even if you’re in the perfect job the Career Spa is a great way to realign with yourself or just check in and see if you’re on track… emotionally, physically and intellectually!”

Elena Lombardi
Creative Director


“The Two Red Chairs Career Spa was just what I needed! As an entrepreneur without a boss it can be hard to find inspiration and a clear perspective when you get stuck in the weeds.

Janet Eastwood provides exactly that… extremely experienced and intuitive, she listens and helps you to come up with a doable and motivating action plan. Thank you, Janet, for a fun and productive day!”

Jennifer Delaney
President, Boutique Inc.