Stop Managing and Start Coaching

The days of command and control leadership are long gone. Today’s workplace requires leaders at all levels to engage, inspire and provide ongoing developmental feedback.

When you shift from directing, controlling and micro-managing to guiding, supporting and encouraging, you’ll find you gain a more committed team.

Here are some quick coaching tips that you can start implementing immediately, from the new book The Culture Solution, by best-selling author Matthew Kelly.

Make every interaction with your direct reports count.
Teach them something you learned in your career. Tell them a story about how you failed at something and what you learned. Show them one specific way they can become better in their roles.

Model a growth mindset.
Be open to any feedback you receive from supervisors, peers and your own staff. Invite your people to bring your attention to ways in which you can grow as a leader.

Students don’t give teachers homework.
Don’t let your team bring half-finished work for you to finesse. Coach them on what needs improving and have them try, again and again, if necessary, until they get it right. It’s not your role to do their work.