How does Retirement Red-iness Coaching work?

Your Two Red Chairs Retirement Red-iness Coaching begins with a thought-provoking Satisfaction Audit, where we do an in-depth assessment of your current life, including any pain points or areas of concern.

Following the audit, we’ll work together on a comprehensive appraisal of your Key Strengths, Passions and Preferences.

Once that’s done, we’ll shift over to the right side of our brains for an inspiring conversation about Your Ideal Retirement Lifewhat it might look like and some of the key changes that you could make now to move you closer to that goal.

Based on the findings from these discussions, we’ll work together to map out three goals for your retirement. These goals will be specifically tailored to you, your interests and your lifestyle preferences.

Armed with a short list of inspiring objectives, you’ll leave our time together with a much greater sense of clarity and optimism about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Are you Ready to Retire?