Retirement Red-iness Coaching

Despite all the time and energy we put into planning the financial side of our retirement, most of us spend very little time on the non-financial aspects of retirement.

Questions like “what am I going to do when I stop working?” and “how am I going to use my time in a meaningful way?” are rarely contemplated in advance.

Most of us approach retirement with a mixture of excitement (“Woohoo, I’m free”) and anxiety (“What am I going to do all day?”) We tend to stick our heads in the sand and convince ourselves that we’ll figure it all out when we get there.

Taking a thoughtful and proactive approach to planning the non-financial aspects of retirement is just as important as planning our finances.

Retirement Coaching


What if you could sit down with a warm and friendly partner and work together to map out some goals for your retirement? What if you could spend one inspiring day, getting clear on a plan that makes you feel excited and energized about your next stage?

Introducing Two Red Chairs Retirement Red-iness Coaching…

One luxurious day, where we work together to help craft the next chapter in YOUR story.

Here’s how it works