Why Do People Hire an Executive Coach?

There are a variety of reasons why people hire an executive coach, but most fall into a few specific categories.

Making Better Decisions Leaders face a multitude of decisions they need to make about strategy, people, opportunities and they need help thinking through the variety of paths in front of them. Coaches help executives see the big picture and generate insights that help them make better decisions.

Having an Accountability Partner An accountability partner helps leaders get things done. Leaders appreciate those who help them identify and focus on their top priorities and support them so they can follow through and take action.

Growth Leaders hire coaches to help them grow and develop. This growth can be personal, professional or the growth of a company.


Dealing with Isolation Leaders often feel like they don’t have anyone in whom to confide. Coaches provide a supportive space for executives to explore, discuss, examine and consider.


Navigating Change Organizations are continually growing, changing and responding to shifts in the business environment. Change can be internal or external, cultural or environmental, unexpected or intentional. Many leaders hire coaches to help them successfully navigate change.

Adapted from an article by Holly Hutchinson for Coach Training Alliance. Reprinted with Permission