Leading with Confidence and Credibility

Ever notice how some leaders seem to effortlessly exude both steak and sizzle?

If you’ve secretly yearned to be the smart, capable and inspiring executive who easily commands a room and shows great judgement behind the scenes, this VIP Day is for you.

How to be a great boss

In this one-day VIP Intensive, I will work directly with you to help you:

Discover your Authentic Leadership Style

Refine your Executive Presence

Create an Easy Action Plan for Raising your Leadership Game

You’ll leave this VIP Day with:

A better understanding of your own, authentic leadership voice (no more trying to emulate the actions of others)

Tips and techniques for owning your own executive strengths and feeling an increased sense of confidence (no more feeling like a “fraud”)

Specific steps that you can implement back in the office to boost your professional profile and cultivate greater followership

Don’t waste time and money on another conference or generic management training session. (Who needs another binder that you’ll never open?)

Enroll in this one-day VIP Intensive and discover the specific skills that YOU need to start leading with greater confidence and conviction.