Travel Tips for your Journey through Change

Travel tipsAn enlightening and energizing 30-45 minute keynote presentation about surviving and thriving during periods of corporate transition.



  • Packing Tips for a Journey through Change
  • What to Bring & What to Leave Behind
  • Exploring a new Corporate Culture
  • Navigating without a Map
  • Finding a Tour Guide
  • Surviving and Thriving in a new Corporate Landscape


     You’ll Learn How to:

  • Assess your change-management toolkit
  • Navigate a new corporate culture with greater political awareness
  • Remain effective during periods of ambiguity or a lack of top-down direction
  • Enlist the guidance of a power mentor
  • Survive and thrive in a new corporate environment


    Who Can Benefit:

  • Leaders who are facing an upcoming corporate transition
  • Executives who want to stay effective during a time of corporate upheaval
  • Department heads who must lead their group through a significant reorganization
  • Long-time performers who may be facing the prospect of a downsizing