The 7 Deadly Sins of Leading through Change

7 Deadly Sins


An entertaining and insightful presentation, outlining the Do’s and Don’ts of leading through corporate change.



      Using the 7 Deadly Sins as a framework, participants are guided through a tongue-in-cheek primer on the minefields to avoid and the strategies to employ during a time of significant corporate change.


      You’ll Learn:

  • Derailing behaviours to avoid during a time of corporate transition
  • Effective leadership strategies to employ
  • Critical mindset adjustments to position yourself for success
  • Tips & techniques for coping with the inevitable impact of significant change


      Who Can Benefit:

  • Leaders who are facing an upcoming corporate transition
  • Executives who want to stay effective during a time of corporate upheaval
  • Department heads who must lead their group through a significant reorganization
  • Long-time performers who may be facing the prospect of a downsizing