Everything I Needed to Know about Managing Change… I Learned in High School

High School

An entertaining and informative presentation that uses the high school experience as a light-hearted, insightful and empowering metaphor for navigating corporate change.


  • Starting out in a New Environment
  • Optimizing your Personal Brand
  • Adjusting to new Expectations and a Change in Workload
  • Learning the new Lingo
  • Identifying and Winning over the “In” Crowd
  • Bouncing Back if you Don’t Make the Team


     You’ll Learn:

  • How to successfully navigate a new corporate environment or structure
  • Strategies for marketing your personal brand
  • Techniques for elevating your social intelligence and political awareness
  • The best way to approach a new assignment
  • Tips for staying resilient in the face of disappointment or significant change


     Who Can Benefit:

  • Leaders who are facing an upcoming corporate transition
  • Executives who want to stay effective during a time of corporate upheaval
  • Department heads who must lead their group through a significant reorganization
  • Long-time performers who may be facing the prospect of a downsizing