Executive Coaching

Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching:Two Red Chairs Executive Coaching

  • Leaders seeking to improve their effectiveness and refine their executive presence.
  • Business owners who want a sounding board while developing strategy or dealing with challenging business issues
  • Seasoned performers who are “in a rut” and want to take their performance to the next level
  • Managers who’ve recently assumed new roles and responsibilities
  • High-achievers who’ve been downsized and want help figuring out what’s next
  • Aspiring leaders who want to accelerate their professional development


The Coaching Process:

  • The coaching process begins with an in-depth Intake Session, where we review your current challenges and clarify exactly what it is that you’d like to achieve.
  • Following this session, I may recommend a 360-leadership review to garner additional insight and seek consensus on the key areas for your professional development.
  • Armed with these findings, we’ll work together to create a set of coaching objectives.
  • Our coaching sessions are then conducted via phone or Zoom, typically once every two weeks. It’s a flexible process based on your individual requirements.

What You Can Expect:Two Red Chairs Leadership Coaching

  • Increased personal insight that will make you more effective
  • Improved relationships with superiors, colleagues and staff
  • Greater impact in your role and positive profile within your organization
  • Increased self-confidence and improved communication skills
  • A greater sense of balance and mastery over your life and career

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