Career Transition Coaching

Who Can Benefit:

  • Executives who have been recently downsized and need some help getting back on their feet
  • Mid-to-senior level leaders who are contemplating a career change
  • High achievers who have maxed out in their current role and would like to plan their next move
  • Seasoned performers who need some assistance in mapping out a future career path

The Coaching Process:

The coaching process begins with an extensive Career Audit, where we work together on an in-depth assessment of your current situation, including any pain points or areas of concern, followed by a comprehensive appraisal of your key strengths, passions and preferences.

Following the Career Audit, we will shift over to the right side of our brain for a thought-provoking discussion about Your Ideal Life… what it might look like and some of the key changes that you could make to help move you towards that goal.

Based on the findings from these two discovery sessions, we will map out a Career Action Plan, including the SPECIFIC steps that you will take as you move forward in your career exploration. We will also work together to hone your personal brand positioning and refine your professional marketing materials.

At the beginning of each session, we will debrief on the action steps that you have taken, discuss new findings and insights and work together to update the next phase of the plan.

What You Can Expect:

  • An experienced and supportive partner to help you identify your strengths and clarify your desires
  • Increased personal insight that will bring greater clarity and focus to your career exploration
  • A honing of your personal brand and revamping of your professional marketing materials
  • A concrete plan of action for exploring opportunities that make sense for you
  • Assistance with networking strategies and preparing for major interviews
  • Increased confidence and greater peace of mind