How to Be a Great Boss

Most of us want to be great bosses. We’ve all had bad bosses. Supervisors that were rude, arrogant, overly demanding, insecure or dismissive. Leaders who were phoning it in, directors who were nice but ineffectual, and managers who were just too darn busy doing their own work to make time for us. In our zeal […]

The Price of Perfectionism

Do you pride yourself on your high standards for everything? If so, you’re not alone. Most high-achievers strive for perfection. But what if inflexible standards are slowing you down and holding you back? (Not sure if you’re a perfectionist? Try taking this test.) Obsessive perfectionism can get in the way of a happy and productive life. […]

Stand and Command: Nailing the Impromptu Speech

I was driving to a party the other day, when I got a phone call with the dreaded last-minute request… “I was thinking someone should make a toast this evening. Will you do it?” As a professional coach and long-time marketing executive, I’ve done a lot of public speaking in my career. Work-wise, I have no […]

My Afternoon with Oprah

Every so often, when you’re looking the other way, the universe dishes up a giant serving of awesome.  This week, I had the tremendous good fortune of being invited to see a taping of Oprah’s new “Life Class”.   Nine thousand (yes!) die-hard Oprah fans lined up for hours to gain access to this event […]

Social Media Getting You Down?

I just read online that today is World Social Media Day. (Isn’t that every day?)  Here in Canada, it’s also the start of the Canada Day long weekend. It’s easy to look at social media (especially on long weekends) and think other people are having more fun, cooler vacations, more romantic relationships, have better jobs, […]