Am I Ready for Coaching?

Am I ready for coaching?

A leader needs to bring three important attributes to any coaching engagement:

  • Courage (to take the necessary steps towards development and apologize, if necessary, for past behaviour)
  • Humility (to accept what they learn about their specific development areas and show a willingness to improve)
  • Discipline (the structure and commitment to put new practices into place).

What steps should a potential client take to ensure the right fit with a coach?

It’s essential that both the client and the coach feel good about the coaching partnership prior to commencing an engagement.

  • The client should ask for a consultation call or “chemistry interview,” which allows him/her to interview potential coaching candidates in advance of any formally contracted engagement.
  • The client should also review the coach’s background and previous client testimonials to ensure a solid track record of success.

The coach must also feel confident that they are a good match for a prospective client.

If the coach feels like they’re the wrong fit for a client, it’s incumbent upon them to be upfront and honest with the prospect… and encourage the client to pursue other alternatives.

Excerpted from Business Management Daily, June 2019