A Decadent New Offering… The Two Red Chairs Career Spa


Two Red Chairs Career SpaWhen you’re in the RIGHT job… one that truly leverages your unique abilities… Monday morning really does feel just as great as Friday night.

Being enamoured with your career is a bit like being in a fabulous new relationship.  You love waking up in the morning, you dress a little better than you normally do, you radiate positive energy… and you feel excited about the future and the opportunities that lie ahead.

For some of us, that glow may have dimmed a little.  Okay… maybe a lot.

Signs that you’re no longer in the right job are actually REMARKABLY SIMILAR to the signs that you’re no longer in the right relationship…

  • You’re not “feeling the love”
  • Your energy is low and you’re having trouble showing up every day
  • You’re feeling overlooked and underappreciated
  • You spend a lot of time fantasizing about making a change

If you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling… and have started to experience the dreaded Sunday night blues… we may have just the solution.

Introducing… The Two Red Chairs Career Spa

Imagine… one DECADENT day that could re-energize your entire career! 

Sound intriguing?  Here’s what you’ll experience…

The Two Red Chairs Career SpaSherbourne Room

  • A six-hour day completely focused on YOU!
  • Your Career Spa Day starts at (a VERY civilized!) 10am… when you arrive at the beautiful Verity Club, conveniently located at Queen and Church (in Toronto)
  • While relaxing over coffee and pastry, we spend two hours doing a full “Career Audit”… an in-depth assessment of your current situation, including your primary “pain points”, followed by a comprehensive appraisal of your key strengths, passions and preferences.
  • At noon, we break for a decadent lunch outside on Verity’s shaded back patio (weather permitting) or in the luxurious Member’s Lounge.
  • Over lunch, we shift over to the right side of our brains for an inspiring discussion about Your Ideal Life… what it might look like… and some of the key changes that you could make to help you move closer to that goal.


Two Red Chairs Career Spa

  • All of this discussion and analysis will be exhilarating… and exhausting! After lunch, you’ll be treated to some well-deserved down time to rest and recharge.
  • During your break, you’re welcome to take a rejuvenating walk in the sunshine, enjoy a dip in the tranquil spa pool – or simply relax with a tea and a catnap on one of the comfy spa couches.
  • If you’d like to treat yourself to a massage or other spa service during your break time, Two Red Chairs will happily make those arrangements on your behalf.
  • The last two hours of your Career Spa day will be used to map out a 60 day Action Plan… including the SPECIFIC action steps that you’ll take to help you move forward towards your ideal career.


If you’re coming from out of town… or would like to enjoy an overnight stay to relax and reflect on your day… Two Red Chairs would be delighted to arrange a stay at Verity’s gorgeous new boutique hotel, The Ivy.  Check it out here!

The Ivy at Verity

Imagine treating yourself to one DECADENT day that could re-energize your entire career!    

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  • In just ONE day, you’ll emerge with a much greater sense of clarity, focus and momentum.
  • Rather than analyzing your career in isolation, we’ll look at the BIG PICTURE – and work together to devise a plan that will dovetail with the rest of your goals and dreams.
  • Together, we’ll examine your “primary pain points” to see if you TRULY need a full-scale change… or perhaps simply a reinvention in your current role.
  • If a full-scale change IS warranted, we’ll narrow down your career options to hone in on a short list of realistic opportunities that make sense for you.
  • Instead of a laundry list of action steps and “should do’s” that will overwhelm and exhaust you… you’ll leave the Career Spa with a short list of SPECIFIC next steps that will help propel you forward towards the work relationship of your dreams.

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Career? Spa?  When are these two words EVER going to be in the same sentence again?  Don’t overthink it.  Just do it!

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See you at The Spa!